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It's a common misconception that Chirper is my baby. She's actually my sister as she was rescued almost 13.5 years ago by my family! This little kitty has moved 4 times in her life, and the shortest move was 2 hours. The last trip she took was from Ohio here to Philly to become my official roommate. I honestly don't know what I would've done without her companionship in a big new city! 

Our thanks to Lauren Frawley for sending these adorable photos!



Meet  "Princess"




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Natalie Esposito for sending these adorable photos!





Here is my little guy! I was looking at your website and decided to send pictures of this little nugget. I rescued him at around 3 weeks old; he was found in an abandoned litter with 4 other kittens. He has grown to 5 months now and is super rambunctious and curious! He loves hiding in my purse or under my bed to play his favorite game: 'bat the feet that walk by'.

Our thanks to B. Grignano for sending these sweet photos!




My cats names are Leo and Tino!

They're brothers from the same litter who are too cute not to share.

They had their first visit at Caring for Cats when they were around 3 months old.

Our thanks to Molly Chapar for sending these adorable photos!






Coolio is a 15 month-old cat that my daughter Sara rescued from a parking lot in Grays Ferry in December of 2012.  He is a mellow, sweet, loving kitty who loves chasing, climbing and sleeping.  The photo was taken during his favorite game to play "what's under the covers" with me, his Nanny ( Sara's mom).

We love Cools -- Barb
and Sara DeNault


Our thanks to Barbara DeNault

for sharing this sweet photo!



Meet  "Nelly" & "Alphie"

This is Nelly, enjoying a little reading ;-) (take a look at the name of the book!)


This is Nelly and his "brother" Alphie. They are best buds. They like to hang out around the house and sometimes I catch them cuddling!

Alphie saying "get the light out of my eyes, I'm trying to sleep here!" This is his favorite spot to sleep, on the kitchen chair.

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There's a new chief in town . . .



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Meet "Mani"





This is Mani.  She came in for her first check up yesterday.  I thought I would send a thank you for your great service by sending some great pictures.  Thank you -- Lonnie Petersheim & Leslie Brouillette

Our thanks to Lonnie & Leslie for sharing these adorable photos!



Meet "Cassie", "Frankie", & "Joey"




Our thanks to Eric Pancoast and Mike DeSantis

for these cute pics!

The little one is "Frankie" and the

bigger one (in front) is "Joey", aka "Baby".

Thanks for taking good care of our family :)







Here are my babies Fatty and Twosers. I adopted them from someone who was getting a divorce and didn’t want them. I never had cats before this and now I LOVE them!



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"Thanks to Dr. Guth for taking care of him!"


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My Blue Scottish Fold from Moscow




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Henry is one sweet little guy! Even though he only has three legs, boy can he run!  He loves to chase his bird toy around the house, wrestle with his buddy Amelia, and make lots of noise so you don't forget he's there.  Most of all though, he loves to curl up on his mama's chest and has been known to lick the noses, heads, and faces of those rubbing him.  Henry was adopted through the Animal Rescue Network when he was 5 1/2 months old.




Although Amelia is luxuriously fluffy and gorgeous, don't let her fool you--she's no lady!  Amelia loves to eat off her mama's plate, pounce on feet under covers, chase and be chased down the hallway, and scurry under sheets when a bed is being made!  She enjoys sitting in her cat tree and surveying her territory, sitting by an open window and watching bugs fly by, and crawling on to her mama's chest for a nap.  Amelia was adopted from Morris Animal Refuge in Philly when she was  three months old.  See Amelia as a kitten below.









Our thanks to Lindsey Cushing

for these adorable photos!


Amelia is a sweet little baby who loves giving kisses, being rubbed, and has lots of love to give. She was adopted from the Morris Animal Shelter where she was living with her 4 brothers and sisters.  Her favorite activities include pouncing on feet under the covers, eating food off of her mama's plate, following her mama into the bathroom for attention, and late night cuddling.




Kittens Spooning



Puma (black cat) and Aurora (tabby) are both patients at Caring for Cats and are totally inseparable!

Our thanks to Catherine Becker for sending these adorable photos!




Samson and Murdock are best buds, and as you can see -- inseparable. 

 Thanks for taking such good care of them.

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Shannon O'Rourke for

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These photos are of one of Dr. Guth's newest patients, Dr. Awesome.  Thanks to a friend posting on Facebook, I found out that a friend of hers had to give him up because his daughter developed allergies.  Their loss is my gain and now I have an incredibly sweet-natured, devastatingly handsome companion!  He talks to me all the time and makes little chirpy bird noises when I pet him.  He is up in everything all the time and follows me around the house like a puppy dog.  Best Decision Ever!










This beautiful little girl is "Mimi" Straface




Our thanks to Andrea Straface

for sharing this sweet photo!





Bridget has been with Dr. Guth

since she a kitten!

Bridget now has 7 week-old kittens!

We named them (in order from left to right)

Little Bridget, ET, Baby Percy, Molly Brown,

Kitty cow, and Simba.  Four boys and two girls!


Our cat Percy was brought into a friend's

Pet Shop because he was found abandoned.

We took him in and really helped him recover well

with the help of Dr. Guth!










Finnegan lounging with Jim.





Our thanks to James Harris

for sending this great photo!





Lily blends right in with the slippers that her mom got for Christmas this year . . . and in the summer, she loves the lion cut that she gets at Caring for Cats!  It keeps her cool so that she can sleep on her favorite window.

Our thanks to Emily Barsa for these cute pics!










Dexter might be a terror when he comes in for a check-up,

but he wants Dr. Guth to know that he is

just a little pumpkin the rest of the time!



Our thanks to Erin Gentzel for this cute photo!





Her name is Campbell, and she is going to be one of Dr. Guth's patients soon.  I found her last year during one of the (many) bad snow storms.  She LOVES cardboard boxes and sleeping on hard surfaces for some reason.  Campbell is Scottish for "crooked mouth" because, when she was a kitten (before I found her), her jaw was broken and it healed crooked.  You can't tell by looking at her, but a trained professional always notices right away.  (Giving her pills is ALWAYS a treat, haha!)

Our thanks to Laura McLaine for these cute pics!




Gracie (Ragdoll) is a new patient at Caring for Cats and Maggie (gray DSH), soon to be a new patient, was just recently adopted -- and she just loves to talk!  Everybody needs a friend in life and now they have each other.




FuzzBucket is a new patient at Caring For Cats who has just been adopted! 

He is a Ragdoll, born 2-10-09.




Manny loves the combination of a scratching post inside the fabric cube.

Our thanks to John Arnold for this cute pic!




"Stink in a Box" -  "Little Bit" aka "Stinker"

"Mooch" in the "Forest"

"Mooch" & "Little Bit"

"EJ" aka "Newbie"

Our thanks to Christina N. Moresi for these adorable pics!




Here is a picture of Tucker doing one of his favorite hobbies -- climbing our screen door!
Our thanks to Mike & Jenn for this great photo!





I just love my new Doctor and all the Staff at Caring For Cats.

I don't even mind my doctor visits now!


Our thanks to Lisa for this great photo!







The first picture is Danger Kitty (DK for short) at 8.5 weeks old. She's a very curious, brave little kitten. She and Rue (the old lady cat) get along pretty well, but she runs into hiding the minute she hears the dog. Her favorite toys are her jingle balls and her furry black "mouse."




The second picture is Georgiana Rue (Rue for short). Rue will be 14 years old this Halloween. She's adjusting very well to the new addition, but will let DK know when she's had enough running around. We're pretty sure that she gets around by echo location because at night, we'll hear her walk a few steps, pause, "mwrawr" and then walk on until she gets where she's going.



Finally, there's Tevis. Tevis was my first cat ever. He found me at the CT Humane Society when he was about 8 months old in 1993. We'd been together ever since. He'd been through several moves, the introduction of Rue to our little family, and the intro of a dog late in his life. He let the dog know who was in charge in no uncertain terms. Tevis' favorite thing in the world (besides gooshy food) was cantaloupe. He'd drool in anticipation of a few chunks of it. He also liked red bell peppers. He was one of Dr. Guth's first patients at Caring for Cats. Sadly, we had to put him down in April 2008. He was about 16 or 17 years old. Dr. Guth walked me and my husband through the whole decision and was wonderfully compassionate. The staff was great, too.


Our thanks to Sue O'Donovan for these wonderful photos!






Hi!   We're sisters and our names are Morgan, Lilly, and Raven. We are very friendly Bombay cats with copper eyes, large erect ears, and long tails. We're 6-8 months old, and Dr. Guth and her staff at "Caring for Cats" are helping to keep us very healthy. We love to groom each other and to play and wrestle. 


Sending warmest regards and sincerest best wishes!


Our thanks to Kurt H. Eckard for this great photo!






Shadow (black) and Sunny are new patients to Dr. Guth.  We are new to the neighborhood and very happy to have a caring doctor right around the corner.


Our thanks to Christine Benincasa for these great photos!







Here are two pictures of my cat Rocket. One when he was just six weeks old. The other was taken January 12th, less than a month before he passed away on February 14, 2009. He was fourteen years old. I loved him very much and really miss him.


Dr. Guth and her staff took care of Rocky during his illness. They are wonderful. I highly recommend Dr. Guth. She's very knowledgeable and a warm person. You'd have a hard time finding someone as good as her.


Our thanks to Allen Arnold for this Memorial Tribute










Here is a picture of my cats Jagger (the black male -Right) and Trilla (the tabby female-left) with a special Valentine's Day message for Dr. Guth and the Caring for Cats Staff.  Thanks for all your great cat care! Trilla and Jagger are both healthy and - I think - happy! : )




Our thanks to Suzanna Fabry for this Valentine!






Pearl LOVES the snow!

Our thanks to Charlie Heiser for this wonderful photo!







Here are some new pictures of Ender and Jade who love to visit Dr. Guth at Caring For Cats!  Rambo is our newest kitten, and is just now sending in his photos!  Ender is actually a Norwegian forest cat and Rambo is the tuxedo cat who is still a baby.

Our thanks to Fenton Farry for these great photos!









FROM RAGS TO RICHES!  Thanks for helping turn my rescued kitten into a healthy cat!


Our thanks to Matt Fischman for these great photos!












Our thanks to Lea B. for these wonderful photos!







We are patients of Dr. Mara Guth at Caring for Cats in Philadelphia

and wanted to send in photos of "Ivan".


Our thanks to Jenn Dagger for these terrific photos!





Flip expressing his Lush for Life -- not to be confused with Lust for Life!




Flip is a pretty cool cat...until he needs his nails clipped!   







Dr. Guth does such a great job clipping Flip's nails that he no longer

has to wear the Hannibal Lecter mask!


Our thanks to Andi (and Flip) for these great pictures!







Here are pictures of “Vanna White” who is one of Dr. Guth's patients. 

Vanna is a Brown Tabby with High White Maine Coon and as you can see her

favorite past time is sunbathing!


Our thanks to Kristen Haag for these wonderful photos!
















Here are Savannah and Napoleon.  They are patients at Caring for Cats in Manayunk, PA. 

They love to cuddle when they nap!  And Savannah loves to keep Napoleon clean!!  Napoleon is the one with the spots!


Our thanks to Maryellen for these wonderful photos!








Roxie sees EVERYTHING with her great "cat eyes" --

check out the reflection of her right eye clear through the fabric!


Our thanks to John Arnold for this amazing photo!








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